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Precision measurer IS4 for cable networks testing system TEST-9110-VXI: improved features and more accuracy of measurements

New IS4 - precision digital measurer for cable test system TEST-9110-VXI

Holding Informtest presents its new product – the precision digital measurer IS4 designed for use at the upgrade automated system for monitoring a quality of cable networks and harnesses TEST-9110-VXI. The outstanding features of the VXI module IS4 make it a unique device that performs the functionality of precision multimeter, megohmmeter and precision source of AC and DC voltage simultaneously.

The new VXI module is based on its previous version IS3 and has an expanded functionality compared to its predecessor:

  • a new interface which allows to expand the defined address space;
  • the new mode "Checking quality of cable networks assembling";
  • the mode "Auto Range" is added to all modes, so the data is complemented by MSB (most significant bit), which will provide information about the range to which the data relates;
  • RAM is reduced to 1K measurements;
  • three additions are made to the operating panel of the module IS4: formation of DC voltage; measurement of differential DC voltage; measurement of resistance of a circuit.

Two new VXI modules designed and produced by Informtest (the high voltage relay switch VVK6 (up to 2500V) and the precision measuring instrument of electrical circuits IS4) as well as updated software AFK9110 have significanly enhanced a functionality of the upgraded version of TEST-9110-VXI. Now the system is able to test on-board cable networks and harnesses with the testing voltages up to 2500 VDC and 1500 VDC. An accuracy of measurements has also increased to a certain degree.

Besides TEST-9110-VXI a precision digite measurer IS4 by Informtest can be successfully applied to the other test and measurement systems based on the open international standard VXI.

More information on VXI module IS4 you can find at website or an office of Informtest, the leading Russian designer and manufacturer of the test and measurement systems, devices and modules based on VXI, LXI, AXIe standards.

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In 2007 Holding "Informtest" got the status of VXIbus Consortium Sponsor Member.
LXI Consortium

Holding Informtest is an “Informational Member” of the LXI Consortium since 2007.
AXIe Consortium

In 2012 Informtest Holding became the first and only Russian control equipment producer, admitted to the international AXIe Consortium.

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