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6-slot chassis in AXIe-0 format.


Within the standard:

Chassis supplies Ethernet resources according to AXIe 1.0 standard for each slot.

Cooling block provides 3 modes of operation:

  • 30% of coolers speed
  • 70% of coolers speed
  • 100% of coolers speed

Each slot is provided with a general 48V supply. Recommend modules power consumption is up to 200 Watts.

Chassiss dimensions

  • - 437367220 mm
  • - Number of slots 6
  • - Slots internal dimensions: 290x320x30 mm.

Interfacing with instruments

Chassiss system module provides Ethernet switch of 2nd level (10/100/1000 base-T) for each instrument (module). 2 ports are presented on the front panel of a system module for communication with an external computer or with an embedded computer. A 12V supply is provided for embedded computer with consumption current up to 10A.

Computers programming environment uses LXI protocol for identification and configuration of instruments (modules). Viewing and editing of configurations parameters is done through WEB interface. After identification of instruments software can use high-speed non-SCPI protocols supported by modules IVI drivers, or it can use SCPI protocols.

Application. The chassis can be used for:

  • building instrumental systems for testing and measuring parameters of digital, analog and RF devices, automated complexes and systems;
  • creation of data storages and for control of database servers;
  • realization of complicated complexes and control systems.

Advantages against other standards:

  • Compared to PXI less costly and more ability to provide functionality and power to instruments (modules);
  • Compared to ATCA AXIe-1 less costly approximately by half but PCIe is not supported;
  • Can be used in applications that dont require organization of high-speed data stream (>Gb/sec)

6-slot chassis in AXIe-0 format

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