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AXIe0-System Module


AXIe0-System Module is designed to conform to the format of AXIe-0 System Module (ASM). The module’s intended to be used in AXIe-0 chassis. The AXIe-0 System Module must be used strictly in slot 1 of an AXIe-0 chassis.

The system module supports 15 LAN ports in AXIe 1.0 standard. 13 of those ports are routed to backplane’s connectors and 2 are presented on a front panel for interfacing with HOST computer, which can be either external or embedded. A 12V supply is provided for embedded computer with consumption current up to 10A. System module can be used in 6-slot AXIe-0 chassis or in 14-slot AXIe-0 chassis.

AXIe0-System Module

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In 2007 Holding "Informtest" got the status of VXIbus Consortium Sponsor Member.
LXI Consortium

Holding Informtest is an “Informational Member” of the LXI Consortium since 2007.
AXIe Consortium

In 2012 Informtest Holding became the first and only Russian control equipment producer, admitted to the international AXIe Consortium.

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