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AXIe-0 Slot-0 system module (100 Mb/s)


Informtest presents newly designed module AXIe-0 Slot-0 controller with Ethernet interface.

AXIe-0 Slot-0 controller is designed for building functional and measuring systems and complexes, which dont have high requirements for synchronization of measurements and tests.
AXIe-0 Slot-0 controller is a simplified Low-cost version of the standard AXIe controller and doesnt have analogues either in Russia or abroad.
AXIe-0 Slot-0 controllers designed for use in 6 and 9, and 14 slot AXIe mainframes as an AXIe system controller slot 0.

Functional features:

  • Controller provides control of all instruments in the AXIe mainframe through an external ETHERNET interface.
  • Controller allows connection of a PC, ETHERNET switch, ETHERNET hub (HUB) to the AXIe mainframe with ETHERNET interface.
  • Controller provides data-technical interaction with a personal computer, an ETHERNET switch or ETHERNET hub.

Controller provides a slave function of AXIe bus.
Module has a logical address 0 on AXIe bus.


  • ETHERNET interface module provides:
    • interface type 10Base-TX/100Base-TX;
    • speed of the interface 10/100 MB/s;
  • ETHERNET full-duplex mode;
  • ETHERNET connector type RJ45 industrial version with fixation of connection cable.

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In 2007 Holding "Informtest" got the status of VXIbus Consortium Sponsor Member.
LXI Consortium

Holding Informtest is an Informational Member of the LXI Consortium since 2007.
AXIe Consortium

In 2012 Informtest Holding became the first and only Russian control equipment producer, admitted to the international AXIe Consortium.

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