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Cable test systems Test-9110-VXI have been serially manufactured since 2006 and are well known to Russian and foreign customers. At the beginning of 2012 there are 124 sets of Test-9110-VXI in operation. Until now these systems were supplied with two software packages: AKM and Cyclogram Assembler. AKM software provided entire functionality of fully automated testing algorithms, making it possible to simplify creation of standard assembly tests. The Cyclogram Assembler was used for creation of custom algorithms for assembly tests, functional tests, and tests that required additional instruments. The Cyclogram Assembler is based on TCL-like script language and in order to be used it requires certain personnel qualification. Using two software packages was inconvenient for users; therefore, customers requested that those two packages were combined into a single software package.

Thats why by the end of 2011 we developed a new software package for Test-9110-VXI systems AFK9110. This package combines simplicity of using AKM and flexibility of Cyclogram Assembler as well as provides additional functions and algorithms. AFK9110 allows building a sequence of execution (cyclogram) required by user out of variety of standard steps. Each step has a window interface that allows in user friendly manner to set all parameters of a step. Types of steps include all of AKMs settings and tests as well as additional functions and algorithms. Some of newer functions are: a function to form a dialog window with a message to operator (for example description of connection to UUT), ability to change descriptions of connection to UUT, ability to change description of circuits (lines), ability to change settings of measurement instrument and so on. For testing of specific values and ranges of both resistance and voltage there is a specific step Measurement Program, where a user can make measurements and run tests using maximally simplified syntax. Functionality of the step Measurement Program is less than the functionality provided by Cyclogram Assembler, but in Measurement Program stress was made on user friendliness and simplicity of usage. For additional instruments there are specific types of steps. For example for command or dry contact generators , various commands can be set or canceled, an impulse or a sequence of impulses can be generated, and for voltage measurers like MN8I or MN8S continuous measurement and value control can be run. AFK9110 also includes few enhanced and few entirely new algorithms specifically for assembly test: for example, during circuit (line) continuity test a user can set the test behavior for further test points relatively base point or discontinuity point, during isolation resistance test user can set a preliminary check with lower voltage.




Interesting new algorithm Topology check runs automotive check of the following type: firstly there is a circuit continuity check, if there is discontinuity it then checks on what segments the circuit is broken, and then it checks for contact between all circuits and discontinued segments, after completion it outputs a detailed diagnostic protocol.


All tests description created in AFK9110 is saved in a single file which also includes description of circuits (lines) and connections. To ensure the integrity of a file a control sum CRC32 is used, which is immediately available to operator (for accountability of test files at a factory). Test file can be saved with password, password ensures that test file cant be altered and can only be run unless the password is entered. For check of all tests description a program can be run in simulation mode without actual hardware.

In general AFK9110 considerably expands and improves functionality of cable test systems TEST-9110-VXI and speeds up production preparation at factories or at other sites. AFK9110 is also available in English for foreign customers.

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In 2007 Holding "Informtest" got the status of VXIbus Consortium Sponsor Member.
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Holding Informtest is an Informational Member of the LXI Consortium since 2007.
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In 2012 Informtest Holding became the first and only Russian control equipment producer, admitted to the international AXIe Consortium.

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